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Spreader rake adjustment for A-class masts

Sailing at it's best

We have developed a set for adjusting the spreader rake from the bottom of the mast while sailing. It is a very neat system with a fail-safe position in case the system gets damaged and the control is lost. This insures the maximum position set with the system is the maximum it will go to. This avoids breaking the mast caused by too much rake.

The range is set at 20mm minimum and 65mm maximum. The photos show what it looks like in the minimum and maximum position. Of course the system can be set to different range if you want.

The set contains the saddles, the lever, the mini blocks, the bottle screws, the shackles the swivel cleat, the pins and rivets and the ropes. In the set is also an instruction for fitting it to the mast. It will fit the SAARBERG mast with the existing mast fittings for the spreader. But it can be fitted to any mast with a minimum of alterations.

The set is available through: Catamaranparts

The price is € 164 and can be sent by post.