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A-class Worlds report 1 by Piet

Worlds A-class at Sopot

We did speak with Piet yesterday evening on the phone so this is a little update from what is happening.

The Worlds in Sopot are underway with the first day racing and the second day no wind , so no racing.

Some top guns are sailing very fast and are at the top of the pack but a few made some mistakes and are already in the danger zone and cannot make any error anymore. Manuel Calvia, Mischa Heemskerk and a few others used their spare race already, to make a change for the title.

The place is difficult to sail with wind shifts and you need to know were to go so the locals are in favor to get a good result.

On day 3 there will be some more wind and it looks that there will be a "normal" sailing day possible.

On materials and set up's there is some new stuff but not dramatic as before, it looks it is going to stabilize a little bit but also difficult to say.

The Catamaranparts Team