Raptor F16

Our design in the fast growing F16 class is the RAPTOR F16, after sailing the boat over the last year we decided to modify various components in order to improve it’s performance, looks and quality.

The choice of a new type front beam made it possible to mount all blocks in a clean way , this in combination with an integrated tramptrack in the beam gives a clean trampoline with all lines neatly in place.
The rearbeam is raised higher to prevent beam slam which will improve the overall performance of the boat. The design team also looked at the ergonomics of people when sailing downwind.

When the crew is standing in trapeze on the downwind leg it can be a struggle to stay in place, our design team has found the solution for this with a modified part of the hull behind the rearbeam, this part will follow the complete foot so this will give maximum support on the hull and not only the front part of the foot,what will result in more stability and feeling on what the boat is doing. The rudder and daggerboards are full carbon and build in epoxy to make them stiffer and stronger with no change of snapping the trailing edge of the boards


1st Dutch Nationals 2012 Holland (doublehanded)

1st Worlds 2011 France (singlehanded)

1st Euro Challenge 2009 Italy (singlehanded)